Saturday 3 February 2018

Stud Fees: Frankel, Dubawi & Galileo

As the song goes: Money talks, money talks...Dirty cash I need you, oh.

Nothing dirty about the cash used here!

When it comes to the pursuit of finding the best thoroughbred racehorse, for some, money is no object. 

You need deep pockets to register as a significant owner in the sport of kings. 

No doubt, a well breed horse has a better chance of achieving greatness than the sixth generation to Eyeore. This breeding lark isn't about pinning the tail on the donkey. Although you may well find your purchase isn't quite what you expected if you get 'the slow one'. 

Just out of interest, how much money do you need to pay to have your broodmare bred with a top-class stallion? 

One sire which readers will have an opinion is Frankel. This relatively new sire needs little introduction finishing his racing career unbeaten when trained by Sir Henry Cecil. His offspring have followed the maxim: like father like son with a number of exceptional talents hitting the headlines. Readers may be familiar with true talents such as Fair Eva, Queen Kindly & Cracksman who was the first of the European crop to win at Group 1.

Frankel was consider by Timeform as the highest rated horse after winning 14 races in his unbeaten career. 

Success breeds success. So much so that his original sire free has risen from £125,000 - £175,000. A 40% increase which means he is one of the most expensive stallions in the world. 

In 2018, he is expected to cover 150 mares and make £20m. 

When you consider the average price for his yearlings is £500,000 investors look to be making a return.  

However, he isn't the most expensive. 

Dubawi costs £250,000 to cover a mare. 


But what about the stallion of stallions? The sire of Frankel and a name that can do little wrong when it comes to breeding lines.


How much would you pay for this stallion? Well, you would have to ask very kindly because he doesn't have a list price. His fee is kept private.