Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Best Winning Racing Tips

Steady Eddie's Free Horse Racing Tips
So you hear about horse racing tips. I mean, we hear about professional gamblers new and old. But what really makes for a free tips service that actually has some worth? Now there is a question. 

Have you heard of Steady Eddies' Free Horse Racing Tips

The good things about Steady Eddie is that it's free to join. I would say, join, review, see what you think, have a few bets or walk away. 

Like most tipsters, from my experience, he has his days but best to make your own mind up. 

I run a few free websites which may be of interest. 

Horse Trainer Directory:

Details just about every UK horse trainer website and social media link. Basically, it saves you time searching the net. It features trainer blogs and latest news which helps you find a few tips or info that the media hasn't picked up. It's 100% free to use and top-ranked on Google search engine for a good reason.

Racecourse Directory:

Yes, there is a theme going on here. Very similar to the above website this details racecourse websites, social media and YouTube videos of your favourite courses. In fact, it features courses from the UK and across the world. Why search the internet when this info can be found on one handy platform? 

Interested in buying a share in a racehorse, well we have connections with syndicates big and small. Another service which is free. 

Thanks for reading.