Friday, 27 November 2020

Friday's Lay Tips (27th November)

Today's lays 

11.35 Scale Force 1P 7/2 

May prefer a longer distance. 

12.35 Mostallim 1P 

Was 6/1 but has drifted, distance maybe too far. 

1.40 Tom Tulliver 2P 11/4 

Maybe too far. 

2.45 Zuckerberg 1P 13/2 

A 16 run maiden poor form on 3 previous course runs.

Good luck if you follow.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Thursday's Lay Bets (26th November)

Today's lays

1.20 Portugueseprincess 2P 15/2 

Maybe too far for it. 

1.50 Liamba 2P 5/1 

Maybe too far for it. 

2.50 Khazaf 2P 

was 9/2 now 7/1 maybe too far for it. 

3.20 Grand Pianola 2P 13/8 

Looks poor value and not guaranteed to get the distance. 

Good luck if you follow.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Wednesday's Lay Bets (25th November)

Today's lays

12.00 Gold Standard 2P 

Maybe too far. 

1.30 Ballydoyle 2P 

Maybe too far. 

6.35 Lovers Moon 2P 

Maybe too far on this surface. 

7.10 True Belief 2P 

0-13 on AW plus maybe too far. 

7.40 Andaleep 2P 

0-7 AW plus maybe too far. 

Good luck if you follow.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Tuesday's Lay Bets (24th November)

Today's lays 

11.55 Four Mile Bridge 2P 5/1. 

Is a maiden after 21 runs and this course might not suit it. 

6.00 Ventura Lightning 1P was 8/1. 

But has drifted, might not appreciate this surface. 

8.00 Red Allure 1P was 11/2. 

Drifted now to 9/1 may prefer a faster surface. 

Good luck if you follow.

Monday, 23 November 2020

Monday's Racing Lay Bets (23rd November)

Today's lays 

5.45 Asdaa 2P 4/1 

May struggle to stay the distance. 

6.45 Album 2P 4/1 

This course might not suit it. 

7.15 Solar Park 2P 9/1

Maybe run on too late to catch the leaders. 

Good luck if you follow.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Saturday's Lay Bets (21st November)

Today's lays 

2.20 Lomu 2P 8/1

Poor recent form 

3.30 Ilalliqa 2P 11/2 

May struggle to stay the distance 

4.30 Silver Cliffs 2P 

Was 5/1 but has drifted may find the trip too far 

Good luck if you follow.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Friday's Lay Bets (20th November)

Today's Lays: 

4.15 Song Of The Isles 2P 5/1 

Might not take to this surface 

4.45 With Respect 1P 3/1 

Not proven on this surface so value to take on 

6.15 Outrage 2P 15/2 

Looks a better horse over shorter distances 

6:15 -  Call Me Ginger 

Good luck if you follow

Thursday's Lay Bets (19th November)

Today's Lay Bets:

7.30 Pope Gregory 2P 

4/1 may struggle to stay the trip with the make-up of this race 

8.00 Pink Jazz 2P 

9/2 may find the distance too far for it 

Good luck if you follow.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Should You Get Angry When Your Bet Loses?

Should You Get Angry When Your Bet Loses?
I'm sure YOU have had one of those days when a losing bet makes your blood pressure hit the roof.

If you bet on a regular basis it is par for the course (especially if you bet on golf). 

It has happened to me umpteen times and I could tell you stories about winning and losing bets which make you smile like a Cheshire Cat and others turn your hair grey overnight.

The losers can be hard to swallow. Like a jagged little pill. Those horses that get caught on the line. Those that run on like a steam train but lose on the nod. The worst are those bets which you realise (sometime before, definitely after the event) were a complete, bloody, irritating mistake (keep calm). Like the day I didn't lay off a horse in running at 1.03 (1/33) for a couple of grand. That was a mistake. A frustrating, stupid, irritating mistake. The days I have been thinking about betting on an outsider (a couple at 200/1 on Betfair) and seeing it, them, many of them, win. Heartbreaking. But whose fault was it? 


In some respect, if I have to learn a lesson, I would rather learn it quick and make sure it doesn't happen again. We all know they do happen again until the day comes when we are so sick of the stupidity of a missed or absurd bet that we start to carve an answer in stone. I think every gambler needs their very own 10 Commandments. Guidelines which keep them on the right track. As a gambler, If you feel you don't need guidelines I would question your thinking. You don't have to write them down or carve them in stone but they are there firing on all cylinders as synaptic nerves in that grey matter. Those delicious neurotransmitters which make sense, logic, reason and a myriad of emotions. 

''No wonder some people take Prozac'' 

I've had this conversation with my good friend Eric Winner. He is a sprint race analyst and has been betting even longer than myself. Eric says: ''He doesn't bet with emotional attachment'', because his method is objective and data-driven. There is a lot to be said for taking the emotion out of gambling. Emotion is called the why of behaviour. 

What motivates you? 

Anyway, my way of betting is data-driven, emotionally driven and based on a multitude of information both qualitative, quantitative, nomothetic and idiographic. So I can register with the temperament of gambling - winning and losing. Feelings of blood-boiling annoyance whether directed at a jockey (who looked like he was slurping a cool beer in an armchair) and predominantly at myself for not seeing the obvious. That horse is too keen every race so why should this day be any different? 

But does being angry about a racing result mean it is a bad thing? 

Some people would say yes. 

It probably varies from one person to the next and dependent on who they are as an individual. 

But for me being angry about a losing bet is fuel to find an answer to a question. To make sure, if possible, it doesn't happen again. And, yes, be, perhaps, even madder the next time if it happens again because I didn't learn from the last lesson. 

If I make a bad decision and the horse loses then I need to learn. Sure, there are plenty of horses that lose and run to their best. Those are not the issue. I have lost many times and even though it isn't ideal I am happy in the assessment of my choice and decision. But not when making a ridiculous mistake of a bet. That is a different story and needs to be knocked on the head. A sledgehammer to drive a six-inch nail deep into a piece of wood. Where it remains fast. 

So emotions when betting can be the curse of many a gambler. They can, to some extent, distort the mind. But they can also help build new understanding and discipline which can make those days of high emotion a thing of the past. 

Never Act Like These Idiots

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Assessing Your Bets to Win More Money

Assess Your Betting to Win
Even without realising you probably bet a certain way. This may be the case if you don't assess your bets. It's good reason why you need to take note of each and every wager: course, code of racing (Flat/NH), betting odds, going... The more info you detail the better. It will help you consider, perhaps, the strength and weakness of your betting day, week, month or year(s).

It is all too easy to bet without thinking. Automatic. Perhaps subconsciously you have a losing pattern which is blighting your success without even appreciating its affect. 

If you are winning money, you may consider you don't need to investigate. That may be a mistake because minor improvement can make a huge difference to your fortunes. If you are losing consistently, this assessment it crucial. Review your bets. No need to obsess about it but be mindful. 

You don't need to do anything there and then but just take note. 

It might be: ''Another odds-on shot, beaten''

''Every time I bet on a double-figure priced, the horse runs horrendously''

''Soft ground. Why do I keep betting when the ground changes?''

You may be quite happy with your bets and consider they cover a variety of bets and money backed. 

It is possible you notice that when you increase your stake you find a loser. Perhaps after a couple of losing bets you half your stake. Sod's Law, it wins.

There is no right way to bet, because everyone has their own approach, likes, dislikes, sport, bet type... 

But within that range you may just notice an anomaly.

If you can weed out one or two weak bets you can use this money to bet on your greater chances. 

For that reason, it is good to keep a diary or notepad and make assessments throughout the season.