Monday 22 April 2024

Why Is Circus Circus Reviewed as One of the Worst Hotels in Las Vegas

Why Is Circus Circus Reviewed as One of the Worst Hotels in Las Vegas
Circus Circus is often considered one of the lower-tier casinos in Las Vegas for several reasons, though it's worth noting that opinions on the casino can vary, and some visitors may have positive experiences. Some of the common criticisms and reasons why Circus Circus has received negative reviews include:

Dated and Run-Down Facilities: The casino and its hotel unlike have a reputation for being outdated and in need of renovations. The decor and amenities are often considered to be less appealing and modern compared to many other Las Vegas properties.

Location: Circus Circus is located at the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip, which is considered less desirable by some visitors. It's further away from many of the newer and more popular attractions, making it less convenient for those looking to explore the heart of the Strip.

Target Audience: Circus Circus has traditionally catered to families with children, which can create a more chaotic and noisy atmosphere compared to other casinos that are more focused on adult-oriented entertainment. This family-friendly approach might not be what some visitors are seeking in a Las Vegas casino.

Lower-End Gaming: The casino is often associated with more budget-friendly gambling options like, which can mean lower-quality games, lower betting limits, and less of the glitz and glamour that some people associate with Las Vegas casinos.

Customer Service: Some visitors have reported subpar customer service experiences, including slow service at restaurants and a lack of attention from casino staff.

Overall Experience: When compared to the high-end resorts and casinos that Las Vegas is famous for, Circus Circus may not measure up in terms of the overall experience it offers. Visitors looking for luxury, entertainment, and a more upscale environment may be disappointed.

It's important to note that while Circus Circus has its critics, it also has its share of loyal patrons who enjoy the more affordable options and family-friendly atmosphere it provides. People's opinions about Las Vegas casinos can be highly subjective, and what some consider a negative attribute, others may find appealing. Ultimately, the choice of where to stay and gamble in Las Vegas depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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Friday 9 December 2022

Friday's Lay Bets (9th December)

Today's lays. 

4.10 Jack Ryan 4/1 has never won over today's distance and seems to need further to show its best form. 

4.40 The Gloaming 7/2 is 0-9 on the AW tracks and seems better on a straight course 

5.15 Lihou 11/2 hasn't been in good form lately so I don't know why its been backed here.

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Tuesday's Lay Bets (6th December)

Today's lays. 

6.20 Carlton And Co 11/2 this course may not suit it or maybe its too far for it and is still a maiden after 8 runs.

6.50 Brazen Idol 9/4 seems a much better horse on the Polytrack surface plus its 76 days since the stable last had a winner.

7.20 Silky Wilkie 4/1 may need a longer distance to show its best and the apprentice jockey is 0-22 for the stable.

Monday 5 December 2022

Monday's Lay Bets (5th December)

Today's lays. 

4.20 My Boy Jack 85/40 is still a maiden after 15 races and this trip might be too short for it with a lot of early pace so looks poor value. 

4.50 Big Impact 15/2 has never won over this distance and looks to need further to show its best.

Monday 14 November 2022

Monday's Lay Bets (14th November)

Today's Lay Bets: 

6:30 Wolverhampton - Chanson D’Amour 2 Points Lay Super Julius 2 Points Lay. 

7:00 Wolverhampton - Fair And Square 1 Point Lay Captain Corcoran 1 Point Lay.

Good luck if you follow. 

Saturday 12 November 2022

Saturday's Lay Bets (12th November)

Today's lays. 

2.35 Summerghand 5/2 might not be up to winning in this class of race on an artificial surface so looks poor value. 

7.00 Lihou 4/1 2PL is dropped in class to run in this race but with a fast early pace almost guaranteed it might struggle to stay the trip.

Alcazan 11/2 1PL the trainer is 0-12 in the last 2 weeks and further might suit it better. 

8.30 Show Me A Sunset 11/2 2PL a longer distance might suit this one better and has poor trainer stats of 0-7 at this course.

Dream By Day 15/2 1PL might also prefer a longer distance and the jockey is 0-3 for the stable.

Good luck if you follow. 

Friday 11 November 2022

Friday's Lay Bets (11th November)

Today's lays. 

3.50 Twilight Madness 2PL this distance might be too short for it. 

4.55 Rose Bandit 2PL is 0-5 on the AW and looks better over a shorter distance.

6.00 Fristel 2PL may need further to show its true worth.

Good luck if you follow. 

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Tuesday's Lay Bets (8th November)

Today's lays. 

7.00 Bernard Speirpoint 4/1 2PL its 74 runners and 267 days since the stables last winner and this horses best form has come on the Tapeta surface. 

8.00 Zim Baby 7/1 2PL does its best form over longer distances on turf and hasn't run over today's distance on the AW before (its drifted to 14/1 now which isn't value to lay it) The Defiant 5/1 2PL all of its wins have come in lower class races plus the trainer is 0-6 at this course.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Tuesday's Lay Bets (1st November)

Today's lays. 

2.55 Primo 2PL maybe needs further to show its best form. 

5.00 Bayraat 2PL a maiden after 7 races. 

5.30 Tantastic 2PL maybe too far for it with a fast early gallop.

5.30 Gherkin 2PL seems a better horse on the Polytrack surface.

7.15 Macho Pride 2PL maybe too far for it.

7.45 Kath's Toyboy 2PL 0-16 on the AW and better form on Polytrack surface.

Good luck if you follow. 

Thursday 27 October 2022

Thursday's Lay Bets (27th October)

Today's lays. 

1.40 Idoapologise 11/4 2PL I don't think this horse does its best work on this surface with both of its wins coming on the Tapeta surface.

6.00 Vape 4/1 2PL it has won over this distance but only in relatively slow run races and may be better over further, its also got poorish trainer, 1-17, and jockey 0-4 stats.