So you've stumbled across this website?

How to win by betting that a horse loses rather than wins. That's the principle of lay betting. You will need to have access to the betting exchanges. If betting, then please start with small stakes building your bank. 

Once you are well in front lay betting is a matter of routine. However, in those early days it pays to be careful. 

So who is behind this lay betting?

The name may well be familiar because it is no less than Eric Winner. He has proven a great success giving win bets on his top ranked website. What many of you may not know is that he is also talented at finding great bets to lay. 

This website will be dedicated to lay betting and compliment our many and varied website which detail tips and information.

In addition to Eric's lay bets, the founder of High Class Equine will be detailing selective two-year-old lay bets. 

Thanks fro taking the time to consider this website. 

Good luck,