Sunday 25 September 2016

Wesley Ward has reason for Lady Aurelia's disappointment in Cheveley Park

Lady Aurelia was found to have bled when scoped following her disappointment in the Cheveley Park Stakes Group 1 at Newmarket. 

Ward said: "It was a head-scratcher and disappointing, but when we got back to the barn the vet scoped her and she ended up having bled with a score of three out of five, which, in a Group One, is enough to get you beat, probably.

"It's not good that she bled, but at least it's a bit of an answer as to the reason why she didn't kick on that last little bit of the race. 

"She's going to her owner's Stonestreet Farm for about 90 days. We'll pick her up in the first part of the year, get her going and hopefully we'll be able to get her back for Ascot for next year."