Saturday 4 June 2022

Saturday's Lay Bets (4th June)

Today's lays. 

4.01 Lord Of The Glen 7/1 2PL maybe too short for it and might prefer a slower surface. 

4.01 Sixcor 5/1 2PL maybe too short for it plus has poor jockey stats. 

4.41 Cragside 9/2 2PL maybe too far for it is still a maiden after 9 races.

5.30 Monsieur Fantasie 4/1 2PL the jockey is 0-8 for the stable and the trainer is 0-12 in the last 2 weeks plus a longer distance may suit it better.

7.45 Elkonix 3/1 2PL needs to improve time wise and may not be up to winning in this class of a race. 

Good luck if you follow.