Sunday 13 February 2022

Sunday's Lay Bets (13th February)

Today's lays 

1.50 Zapper Cass 2PL may find this distance a bit too far especially with a guaranteed fast early pace. 2.50 Night Narcissus 2PL hasn't shown much time wise since 2020 and even then that time was only good enough for 3rd top spot in this race Fine Wine 2PL I think this one is better on the Polytrack surface and doesn't have great trainer/jockey stats Media Guest 2PL may need a longer distance to show its true worth and the jockey is 0-7 for the stable. 

PS: Don't forget if a horse drifts to over 10/1 at the off then the risk to reward ratio isn't great and then it becomes a no bet or in this case lay.