Wednesday 20 January 2021

Wednesday's Lay & Win Bets (20th January)

Today's bets and lays 

5.30 Young John 1PW Zapper Cass 2PL maybe too far 

6.00 Engrave 2PL maybe too far 

7.00 George Thomas 28/1 1/2PEW San Juan 9/2 1PL has been slow away in all of its previous runs and shown virtually nothing and i cant work out why its fancied here First Excel 1PL might not be its favoured surface 

7.30 Arcavallo 7/1 1PW + Bluella 16/1 1/2PEW Dylans Lad 2PL may need further = slow times at this distance + poor jockey stat 0-8 

Good luck if you follow.