Thursday 31 December 2020

Thursday's Lay & Win Bets (31st December)

Today's bets and lays

12.25 Saaheq 1PW Recon Mission 1PL 2/1 maybe too short + poor jockey stats + poor value 

1.00 Protected Guest 3PL 11/2 maybe too far and very poor jockey stats. Oslo 1PL 9/2 maybe too far 

2.35 Boma Green 1PL 4/1 may need further 

3.20 Baronial Pride 1PL 9/2 maybe too far 

3.35 Aguerooo 1PW 3.50 Fair Alibi 1PW Buy Me Back 2PL was 8/1 but has only lay if it comes back to a single figure price...poor recent form, maybe needs further, poor jockey stats The Mackem Torpedo 2PL 3/1 poor value, usually slow away so maybe too short a distance for it 

4.50 Gleaming Arch 3PL 7/1 has drifted to 9/1 so check the price just before the off...maybe too far, poor trainer/jockey stats 

5.20 Alqaab 3PL 6/1 maybe too far, poorish trainer/jockey stats Firsteen 2PL 5/1 maybe needs further, poorish trainer/jockey stats.

Good luck if you follow.