Saturday 12 December 2020

Saturday's Lay and Win Bets (12th December)

Today's Lay and Win Bet

4.15 Never Said Nothing 2PL 

4.45 Dont Jump George 2PL 

5.00 Lord Of The Glen 2PWIN, Fair Alibi 1/2PEWIN Kaafy 1PL Global Humor 1PL Debawtry 1PL 

7.15 Merhoob 1PW Astro Jakk 1PWIN, Stake Acclaim 2PL, Ornate 2PL 

7.45 Sepahi 1/2PEWIN, Iva Reflection 1/2PEWIN, Eye Of The Water 1/2PL Iconic Knight 1/2PL Bombastic 1PL 

8.15 Heer We Go Again 1PEWIN, Youkan 1PL 

Good luck if you follow

PS...This was/is my long list so any of the lays that are above 9.00 do not represent value so leave them alone, I don't expect them to win but just 1 of them can ruin everything.