Thursday 31 January 2019

Preparation is the Key to Betting Success

What's the difference to be a successful gambler and a novice? 

In truth, it could be a myriad of factors. But underpinning everything is hard work and preparation. It is naive to think that the best gamblers simply wake up one morning and better than most. I hate to say it, but if you go into your local bookmakers, look at the Racing Post pinned to the wall, search the betting, last three runs and quickly scribble out a bet and feel you are on an equal par to a skilled gambler you are mistaken. 

Hard work is the difference between success and failure. 

In essence, anyone who is highly skilled in their field has a foundation of knowledge which is a starting point for considering any given race or bet. Most punters don't get to this point and it shows. 

If I chat with someone about my horse racing or gambling it doesn't take many sentences before I know their standing. It may seem like a novel magic trick but each and every word speaks volumes. One wrong word tells me if you know much. One right word can make me listen more. It doesn't matter what anyone knows because I have become so used to working in my own way and knowing my own knowledge that I find it very difficult to bet on someone's ''advice''. I listen to a couple of people. Perhaps this is a strength or a weakness. To me, it is a strength because I need to understand the truth of the matter to be confident. Also, why rely on someone else when that information could be taken away. 

In preparation for the new Flat turf season, I have been reviewing, assessing and analysing each and every horse trainer. Basically going from A - Z. It is like watching paint dry collating the data. The fun part comes when looking at the data. I'm not going to say exactly what I am researching but it's not rocket science. You may be thinking, that sounds a lot of hard work. 

Why bother? 

Winning isn't about being the best person on earth. You only need to be that if you want to set a world record. However, there isn't any money in flicking tiddlywinks into a pot from five metres away. When you consider how many million people in the UK follow and bet on horse racing. How many know any data other than the stuff which is freely available? Perhaps one in a hundred. 

However, just imagine if you knew something that ninety-nine percent of the population doesn't know. 

That's your money. 

To be successful at anything it is about looking in the right direction. Then you have to focus on and assess what is before you. In addition, you need answers to questions. Looking at the betting for let's say the 5:15 Aintree, the Grand National 2019, the changing betting doesn't just reveal to me a fraction it can literally tell me the chance of a given horse winning and losing. Just one part of the jigsaw puzzle of finding a winner. 

Knowledge really is power. Even if you find one piece of information about a horse trainer that took a bit of digging it sets you apart. Now imagine if you do that one hundred times. 

You have only to scratch the surface to see whether its gold or tin under the paintwork. 

If you follow the crowd and know the same information as everyone else you are in trouble because you can guarantee it has been factored into the price (unless you know better). If you work hard you don't need me to say what you do or don't know. However, if we ever have a conversation you bet your bottom dollar I will not only realise but appreciate your hard work.