Tuesday 24 July 2018

The Logic Behind Winning Bets

They say: ''knowledge is power''. Within betting that saying holds substance. A fool and their money are soon parted. That's why, in my opinion, you should never bet for fun. Why? Because it can be a slippery slope to betting without thinking, following your emotions and the buzz associated with those feelings. Use a reputable bookmakers like www.novibet.co.uk to open an account and see if you can make your betting pay. (If you work hard, you can.)

Believe it or not, emotions are dangerous. How come? Because they are irrational and lack any logic.  

I'm sure all the greatest philosophers would agree that those two qualities go a long way to finding answers to questions. Picking a winning tip is finding an answer to a question. The question is a puzzle. Aristotle, the founder of logic said: 

''Rhetoric is the counterpart of logic; since both are conversant with subjects of such a nature as it is the business of all to have a certain knowledge of, and which belong to no distinct science. Wherefore all men in some way participate of both; since all, to a certain extent, attempt, as well to sift, as to maintain an argument; as well to defend themselves, as to impeach.'' 

Five tips built on logic:

1) Jack of all trades and master of none. If someone says they bet on everything and anything - they know very little and you don't want to even consider their opinion. Sounds harsh. Well, perhaps, but it makes sense, hey. Logic. 

2) Do it yourself. True, you can follow your favourite tipsters and some are very good. However, you will learn much more by doing the ''donkey'' work yourself. You will understand what makes a winner. And reason why it pays to specialise. It is the best opportunity you will have and your knowledge will be worth something. If you are one of those people who take a quick look at a race card on the wall of a bookmaker do yourself a favour and give up. It simply isn't possible to know more than the people who are laying the odds. Unless you know more you will lose. 

3) Bet small and build your betting bank. You don't need to bet like a pro to learn the ropes and make your betting pay. It takes the pressure of the gambling game and you can focus on what makes your betting pay by being objective. 

4) It's lovely to have a day at the races but do it rarely. Betting on course in not a good idea in this day and age and you need to search bookmakers and betting exchanges to find value. What is value? It is the difference between winning and losing. Make the most of every bet. 

5) Stick to one sport. Whether your passion is football, cricket, horse racing, greyhounds or even betting on the weather (some people do) don't spread yourself too thin. Also, if you are passionate about your sport you will find the determination to succeed when things get tough.