Tuesday 9 July 2019

10 Things A Professional Gambler Never Tells You

You gamble.

This day and age it seems like every man, woman and child are betting via one form or the other. 

But what makes the difference between an amateur and professional? In many ways, it's like a someone who does a little bit of DIY on the weekends to a master carpenter. What's the difference between to two: experience.  

The word experience covers many and varied traits. It is a wisdom which means they understand the majority of their work without thinking. Intuitive. 

So what are the 10 things a professional gambler never tells you:
  • Emotions play havoc with how they think (the enemy of the gambler)
  • They are either crazy gamblers, living on their wits or exceptionally calculated
  • The best and most successful gamblers will rarely tell you how much they bet or boast about winnings
  • In fact, most are more likely to tell you when they lose
  • They never stop working - trying to improve but frightened of ruining what they have achieved
  • They know a lot about their subject but little about much else
  • A pro gambler hates losing but appreciates at time you lose big
  • Betting isn't for fun and they don't like mixing business with pleasure
  • They will rarely tell people what they do for a living 
  • They don't talk to people unless they respect their opinion